Takeda/Lundbeck - Lightening up the dark Takeda/Lundbeck - Lightening up the dark
“Lighter Blue”

Challenge: In an unbranded depression awareness campaign, our task was to evoke empathy for people with depression, despite the massive stigma of talking about depression.

Solution: Cue Blue—your not-so-standard depression sufferer. We unleashed Blue to battle the depression stigma head-on in the most public place we could think of: Facebook. Using wry humor to lighten up a dark subject, we started a new conversation about depression. One that stood out because it was enjoyable, relatable and could proudly be shared.

Result: It was shared. Over and over (and over and over) again. In fact, it was the first pharma campaign to ever go viral. People with depression loved how relatable Blue was. So much so, they started personifying him, thanking him for both his wisdom and wit. We created Blue as an unexpected way to help people with depression understand and feel understood. Oh, and we won an IPA Best of Health and Global Award for it.