Pradaxa split second Pradaxa split second
“Split Second”

Challenge: For the millions of patients taking blood thinners, unexpected bleeding can be a matter of life and death. However, cardiologists often assume that accidents that cause such bleeding are relatively rare, so they underestimate the importance of a reversal agent for an anticoagulant.

Solution: We needed to help cardiologists understand that a reversal agent could make all the difference for a patient who gets into the kind of accident that could happen to anyone. Through film, we tensely brought them face to face with people who could be their patients and followed them closely to the shocking moment that no one expected. The doctors saw the fear, urgency and shock up close and personal, and understood that their patients could easily experience such an event.

Result: The film is used as an unbranded opening during sales calls, was featured at multiple congresses and hosted on a microsite. Since its launch, cardiologists have increased their prescription use of a blood thinner with a reversal agent available. Accidents happen. But more cardiologists are helping their patients be prepared for them.