Mucinex - Fake sick Mucinex - Fake sick

Challenge: People engage in the cold and flu category when they’re sick, but they don’t give it any thought otherwise—which is why we needed to make Mucinex top of mind this cold and flu season. So we positioned the brand to dominate the biggest game of the year and an undeniable cultural moment.

Solution: It turns out, the Monday after the big game is the day more Americans call out sick than any other. But are they really sick? Probably not. So we had fun with this phenomenon by leveraging the brand’s humor to connect with people, while playfully calling them out. Mucinex, the brand that fights sick, would give America a pass on this day. (As for Mr. Mucus, he was less supportive—the thought of people faking it was a real insult to him.)

Result: By acknowledging this cultural behavior, we cemented in consumers’ minds that when it comes to sickness, Mucinex has your back. This approach garnered our campaign over 1 billion impressions, trending on Twitter and LinkedIn, and some love on late-night TV.