Digestive Advantage - Stay strong Digestive Advantage - Stay strong
Digestive Advantage
“Stay Strong”

Challenge: Digestive Advantage’s claim to (pending) fame is that its probiotic survives 100x better than others. Amazing, right? Problem is, all consumers know to look for is the number of probiotic strains a digestive supplement has—not how durable they are. We had to enlighten consumers that when it comes to your gut, what counts is quality, not quantity. And we had to do it in a way that means something to them.

Solution: Strength. Why would consumers need a strong probiotic? So they can be strong throughout the day. By letting them know that they can stay strong—even with digestive issues—we tied a tangible, lifestyle benefit to our brand. One that resonates with consumers. (And allowed us to have a little fun, too.)

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