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“Laugh It Up”

Challenge: In order to simply breathe, people living with cystic fibrosis need to clear the mucus buildup out of their lungs. This means coughing, and coughing some more, for up to four hours every day. But it turns out laughter is as effective as traditional treatments in spurring a coughing fit and bringing up the mucus they need to get out.

Solution: Since people with CF can’t be in the same room as others with CF, due to the risk of cross-infection, we created a live-streaming comedy event on Facebook that featured some of the hottest (and funniest, of course) comics working today. Friends and family attended the live fundraiser at a legendary comedy club in New York and the CF community watched it all live—and everyone laughed it up together.

Result: We reached 17% of the CF population organically across seven countries and delivered approximately 430,000 doses of laughter. The event also created the first observational survey to study laughter therapy among CF patients, called Laughing My Mucus Out, and our laugh-happy website continues to deliver necessary doses of laughter to patients every day.