AstraZeneca - Making the invisible visible AstraZeneca - Making the invisible visible

Challenge: Little immune cells called eosinophils are thought to be the cause of severe asthma in 50% of patients who suffer from the disease. But 73% of specialists were overlooking this cause and simply treating the symptoms of the attacks, even though a routine blood test shows whether a patient’s eosinophil count is high. How could we get allergists to check a patient’s eosinophil levels before settling on a treatment?

Solution: We designed a website and mobile experience that shined a light on eosinophils with colorful urgency and eye-catching data, inviting doctors to engage in a way they hadn’t before, and learn more about eosinophilic asthma.

Result: Between the first and fourth quarters of 2017, pageviews and unique visits rocketed, bringing the once-hidden eosinophils into the spotlight and creating a path to more effective treatment for patients living with uncontrolled asthma.