Airborne - Borne for it Airborne - Borne for it
“Keep Doing What You Were Borne to Do”

Challenge: We all know how great Vitamin C is for your health. But Airborne is more than just Vitamin C. We had to find a way to show the difference between Airborne and other Vitamin C supplements, and become consumers’ go-to immune support.

Solution: We turned our product benefit (proven immune support) into a consumer one: keep doing the things you love—the things you were borne to do. And we did this cross-platform, from the TV screen to your computer screen, and various screens in between. As part of this effort, we tapped new YouTube technology and delivered hundreds of contextual pre-roll assets, based on what our target audiences were watching. So those new parents who are watching that nursery rhyme video with their kiddo for the 400th time? They now know they can count on Airborne to make it through. (Even if they prefer not to.)