Daryl Somma, MPH


  • With over 15 years’ experience in health research and account planning, Daryl has focused her work on understanding help-seeking behaviors, sociocultural, psychological, and emotional influences on clinical and diagnostic decision-making, health-related stigma, perceptions of illness by both patients and doctors, and doctor-patient communications
  • She has experience across a broad range of disease states including rare diseases, women’s health, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, mental health, CNS, diabetes, transplantation and immunosuppression, oncology, and cardiovascular disease, and she has worked with the World Health Organization and UNAIDS
  • When she’s not taking deep dives into anthropological and psychological analyses, Daryl is a triathlete, a paddleboarder, a skier, and she readily admits to having a “minor” obsession with documentaries about climbing Mount Everest