The next generation of the full-service agency.

Say hello to your crack team of truth tellers, rule breakers and ambitious big thinkers.

McCann Health New York is born from the union of McCann HumanCare and McCann Healthcare, experts respectively in consumer and HCP communications. We have come together to form a singularity of comprehensive health and wellness wisdom. This integration means we can raise the bar on the notion of a “full-service agency.” We take integration, category experience, product, brand, communications planning, service expertise and, of course, creativity to unheard of levels.

So, you need a targeted execution for a niche of ultra-rare disease experts. No problem. Or perhaps you’re looking for a fully integrated 360° campaign that reaches consumers and doctors alike. We got you. Or do you want a social and digital strategy for an innovative new wellness product? Whatever it is, McCann Health New York has the talent, the heart, the know-how and the creative chutzpah you need.

We don’t just get it done. We get it done beautifully and effectively. You tell us the problem you need to solve, and through collaboration, customization, communication, and a lot of other words that start with letters besides C, we’ll help you find the truest path to the best possible outcome.

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